Ike Likes Tacha’s Post That Shaded Mercy (Photo)

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Former housemate Ike Onyema who is the boyfriend to Mercy Eke, is in big soup after liking Tacha’s post that shaded mercy – Social Media Users Say He’s Dishonoured His Girlfriend Mercy Eke’s sweetheart Ike is in trouble after liking a post by Tacha that shaded Mercy. Ike who has given himself a second job to be liking all posts, especially his fellow BBNaija housemates posts on Instagram has found trouble after hitting on the like button of Tacha’s post.

Ike couldn’t control his obsession and has liked a post by Tacha that has gone viral because social media users think it’s shades Mercy. Apparently, Ike is definitely in trouble because Mercy’s fans  also known as the Mercenaries will over blow things and want Mercy to react.


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