Wife Catches Husband Sléeping With Their Housegirl

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A wife who has been hearing stories around that her husband was enjoying himself with their house maid got the shock of her life recently as she caught them red handed after setting a trap for the two secret lovers.
The source who sent the story to TON said the wife pretend that she was going to her shop and send the the maid in her husband’s presence to go to the market and buy foodstuff. The maid took the money and immediately her husband got up and walked out, saying he’s taking a walk…

The woman drove out of the compound with the maid and drop her at the junction where she would take a bike to the market. She sighted her husband hiding at a corner but pretended she didn’t see him. She drove away, parked her car about 200 meters away and walked back to the house.

She entered their sitting room, nothing. Her husband’s bedroom, nothing. Their kids room, nothing. It then dawned on her that her shameless husband might be doing the “thing” at the house maid’s room. True to her suspicion, the wife caught her husband “very busy” on top the maid.

Funny enough, my source say the wife has discovered that the young girl is already pregnant for her husband and the man is now saying he will marry her as his second wife. The wife is devastated!

The incident was said to have happened in a Lagos suburb but the woman’s husband is a rich guy.

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