Ten Tweets of Unilag’s best graduating student

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Miss. Ibok Asuquo of the Accounting Department of University of Lagos on Wednesday emerged as the best graduating student of the institution during this year’s convocation.

Asuquo who graduated with a Cumulative Grade Point (CGPA) of 4.89 is on Twitter with the user name flave’ibiok and @superfave as her handle.

Below are ten of her recent tweets

1. I don’t meet deadlines I give life to all lines I meet
2. And oh, how He loves us oh, Oh how He loves us, How He loves us so
3. The only time a man can remember all d girls he had slept with is when his HIV result is delayed.
4. Dnt run ur mouth lyk its on 4G,wen ur brain is on SOS 😀 =D :’(
5. When people leave your life, call them back and give them tfare
6. Why does the average Black man think SWEAT is HARDWORK??? Beats me.
7. After every “with due respect Sir” comes an insult!!!!
8. Don’t get excited wen a girl starts calling u BOO;boo may mean oloriBOOruku:)
9. Half Na*k*d girls are hot,while well dressed girls are beautiful…Hell is hot,while heaven is beautiful…the choice is yours………
10. Life is complicated as it is…u will now open indomie pack nd dere won’t be seasoning in it >:O

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