Study Shows Health Consumption Of Energy Drink May Disrupt Vascular Function

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The American Heart Associating in a study carried out recently, has said that consuming just one energy drink may be detrimental to blood vessel function .

The study, according to , tested blood vessel function in non- smoking, young, healthy adults and found that the participants had significantly diminished blood vessel function soon after consuming just the one energy drink .

Consumption of these drinks has previously been associated with adverse health effects including conditions related to the nerves , heart , and stomach. Some researchers think adverse effects on the cardiovascular system may be associated with the effects the drinks have on endothelial function .

To investigate , John Higgins from the University of Texas Health Science Centre at Houston and colleagues recruited 44 healthy , non- smoking individuals , all in their 20 s and tested their endothelial function before they had consumed an energy drink . They then gave the participants a 24 – ounce energy drink and tested the endothelial function again 90 minutes after they had taken it.

The team checked the participants ’ artery flow- mediated dilation, a measurement that indicates the overall health of blood vessels .

Before the drink was consumed, the blood vessel dilation was an average of 5 .1 per cent in diameter, but after the drink had been consumed, this measurement fell to 2 .8 per cent, which indicated acute impairment of endothelial function .

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