Photo Of The Baby Born With Arabic Inscriptions On Her

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A baby born in Sokoto has caused many talking due to Arabic inscriptions found on her body upon birth.

The inscriptions were found on her chest, thigh, and back as though they were tattooed there. The child also has a birthmark in the shape of a crescent-shaped moon, a symbol of Islam – on her ankle.

Daily Trust reports that the child’s mother Saratu Yusuf, 24, who spoke with Caliphate Trust said that she never experienced anything unusual during the pregnancy.


She said:

The pregnancy went very smoothly much more than others. I had no complication, from the beginning to the day I gave birth at Police Clinic along Barth Road Sokoto.

The labour started at about 6 am and delivered exactly at 6pm.

We did not notice anything at the hospital until we got home when my elder sister wanted to bathe her, she discovered the inscription on her chest, thigh and back. She also has a crescent sign on her ankle.

So many people trooped to our house from within and outside the state metropolis, from Wurno, Rabah and other Local government areas. It got to a point when I had to flee my matrimonial home to my parents’ house to escape people’s disturbance.
The mother also revealed that they have been unable to pierce the child’s ears still as several attempts have failed.

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