Nigeria will not break up despite your atrocities – PDP tells Boko Haram

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The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has charged all Nigerians to jettison all interests and join forces with government to expose terrorists.

This is also as the party has lamented that the ordinary people had remained victims of insurgency in the country.

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh in a statement, Friday, said Nigerians must realize that regular citizens have generally become targets irrespective of religious and ethnic differences and as such, must stand up and join hands with government in the fight against terrorism.

Reacting to Thursday night bomb explosion in Nyanya, the second in barely three weeks, the party stated: “Nigerians must realize that it is no longer about the President or the government, neither is it about government officials, all Nigerians are under attack. Ordinary people and regular citizens have remained general targets of these enemies of our country.

“Hundred of innocent Nigerians, Muslims and Christians alike have had their lives brutally ended by the wicked acts of these terrorists. Our people, businessmen and women, professionals, including security men, doctors and nurses, lawyers, artisans, market women, civil servants, farmers, school children, clerics, artistes, old men and women and bread winners pursuing legitimate endeavors have been brutalized and slaughtered.

“Those behind these devilish acts seek mainly to intimidate, cow, frighten and destroy us thereby imposing a regime of terror, anarchy and chaos. They seek to decimate us as a people, destroy our common heritage and bring our nation to its knees, but they will surely fail.

“They cannot intimidate us, we shall not be cowed, we refuse to be frightened and we will not be destroyed. Let them know that our common resolve to live as one people under God remains irrevocable”, the party stated.

Urging citizens to unite as one people against insurgency, the party said, “to win this battle, all citizens must come together and present a common front against terrorism irrespective of our religious, political and ethnic differences”.

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