My Purported Suspension As Council Chairman Is Null And Void – Alao-Akala’s Son

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The chairman of Ogbomoso North Local Government Area of Oyo state, Olamijuwon Alao-Akala (JP), who was suspended by four councillors in his council area on Monday, has stated that his alleged suspension is unconstitutional, illegal and a nullity as only a validly inaugurated legislative arm of the local government council has the power to suspend him.

Olamijuwon, the son of the gubernatorial candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) in Oyo state and former governor of the state, Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala had decamped from the All Progressive Congress (APC) to his father’s party, ADP, last Thursday.

He added that he is taking the purported suspension with a pinch of salt as it has no legal or constitutional backing, urging the councillors- elect to wait be inaugurated before confronting him with illegal suspension and not cause unnecessary chaos in the peaceful town of Ogbomoso

On Tuesday, 19th February, 2019, I received a letter conveying my purported suspension from office as the Executive Chairman Ogbomoso North Local Government Area of Oyo State by minority councilors-elect, through the Head of Local Government Administration, Mr. M.F Afolabi.

My purported suspension by 4 of the 10 elected councilors is illegal, null and void. The legislative councils of local government areas in the State are yet to be inaugurated since our elections in May 2018; therefore, the meeting where my purported suspension was agreed was unconstitutional.

It is noteworthy that the 1999 Nigerian Constitution As Amended and the Oyo State Local Government Administration Law clearly state the procedures for suspension and/or removal of a duly elected council chairman.

Based on the provisions of the constitutions, ONLY A VALIDLY INAUGURATED LEGISLATIVE ARM IF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCIL can deliberate and recommend suspension and/or removal of an executive Chairman to the the state House of assembly for a final decision. Unfortunately for the 4 councilors-elect, they are yet to be inaugurated neither do their number constitute the required quorum (two-thirds of the Councillors-elect) in the circumstances.

It is my honest suggestion to the Councillors-Elect and the purveyors of violence and impunity nudging them on, to exercise some patience until their inauguration, for them to now confront me with whatever grievances they may have against me, instead of acting without capacity, an action that appears to be a prelude towards throwing the peaceful town of Ogbomoso into some artificial and avoidable crises.

Stemming from the above, I have decided to take the purported suspension with a pinch of salt, since same is predicated on a non existent foundation. Our courts have long settled it, as enunciated in the popular case of UAC V. Macfoy that “… cannot put something on nothing, and expect it to stand”. Hence, this is a comedy of the absurd, and we urge all parties concerned to at least, pretend to act a bit of honour, even if they lack same.

My attention has also been drawn to the laughable statement made by the Chairman of APC in Ogbomoso North LGA, Mr. Bukola Badmus, wherein he purportedly suspended me from the party, APC, even when I have since left the APC for a truly progressive party Action Democratic Party (ADP).

This is not only laughable, but a pointer to the degree of frustration and looming failures that seems stare in the face of the APC of Ogbomoso North LG in the coming elections. I am already out of that sinking ship, I wish them well.

I want to allay the fears of the citizens and residents of Ogbomoso North LGA who voted me into office, that I am still in charge and my 3years mandate shall be dedicated to serving you better. Once again, I pledge not to betray the trust and confidence you have in me.

Long live Ogbomosoland!

Long Live Oyo State!!

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!


Hon.Olamijuwonlo Ayodeji Alao-Akala JP

Executive Chairman,

Ogbomoso North LGA, Kinira. 

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