Five Lies Nigerian Ladies Tell to their Partner in Relationship

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Human relationships are basic because man cannot live in isolation. However it can be very complex when it is a relationship between a guy and a girl/lady. Dating as it is called, may be complex because of the way it was initiated.

More often than not, the intending partners try to showcase the best behavior possible at the beginning.

In Nigeria, some of the ladies are either too proud or too afraid to clearly state what they truly want to get in a relationship therefore, they end up lying to themselves, their partners and any other person involved.

I narrowed some of these lies to five in this article and these are:

A. I am not interested in your money- please who does not need an extra cash for her upkeep and well-being The lady perhaps makes the above statement so her man will not think she is too materialistic.But ladies nothing is wrong in asking your guy for financial support as long as it is for something useful.

B. I do not want to tie you down- This is a big lie because next thing you know, she begins to monitor your movements and activities through phone calls and incessant house visitations.

C. We are just friends and nothing more- Mmmh! wait after a year or so and she begins to ask you the direction the relationship is taking.

D. I can wait until the man is ready for marriage- More often than not, socio-cultural and family pressure will make the lady to want to settle down in marriage as fast as possible and will cause her to either give her guy a deadline to marry her or she ends the relationship.

E. I don’t care if he is dating other ladies- This non-chalant attitude will change when the lady eventually falls in love with the guy or hopes they will get married.

Therefore, Nigerian ladies who are seeking for a date to please open up and state clearly the terms in any relationship they are getting into so as not to regret it later on

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