African Pastors Use Fear To Teach Religion – Uti Nwanchukwu

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Model and TV host Uti Nwanchukwu ha taken to Twitter to air his thoughts about African pastors and the way they go about religion.

According to Uti, these pastors use fear in making people worship God.

I HATE that some African pastors/ministers often use FEAR as a tool to convince people to worship GOD! Fear of Poverty Fear of Failure Fear of Attack & ultimately Fear of Hell! This is EXTREMELY WRONG! God has not Given us the spirit of Fear! WE HAVE TO BE WISE IN THESE TIMES O!

His tweet has since gotten many reactions as people agree with him.

See some reactions below;

@CJtwittime – You forgot to add the ultimate fear of village people. Some go to the extent of tearing families apart with “the enemy of a man is a member of his household”, suspicion, distrust and …suffer not a witch to live shows up suddenly.

@luiz_peetha – Not just in church but in schools and society in general. It’s ‘read hard or fail in exams or life’s. ‘Obey the laws of the land or go to jail’. ‘obey the laws of God or go to hell’.. fear has always been a control mechanism.

@Igariga1 – It’s not their fault, it’s ours that have chosen to remain in “mentality slavery”. Paying your tithe and sowing seed is all they care for. Sothat fear does a lot to them. They can’t preach without it.

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