Twitter meltdown as Man refuses to take his date to Mr Biggs

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Mr Bigss has been trending on twitter all day, why? A man wrote a note on facebook stating why he refused to take his dae to Mr Bigss’. He thinks she isn’t wife material for that reason.
Read the post and see twitter reactions below:

I met you here on facebook. It was love at first sight and I thought that could be it. We exchange contacts eventhough I rarely scout girls like that. We started chatting on whatsapp, going for months without meeting each other. We later agreed on how to meet because you dont stay in Lagos; only for you to tell me that the venue we would(must) be meeting should be a Fast Food Joint. Are you a material?
I know you are seeing what I posted. Yes, I did it that way so that you will equally see it and let all my friends be the judge since it was the reason we quarelled. I have the money but going to Fast Food joints like Mr Biggs to meet each other for the first time is enough serious bad signal to me. When God give some women an opportunity to have true friend they blow it up due to greediness. Sweetheart you exposed yourself. Why cant you mention one “buka” like that? Or maybe we should meet at a provision shop. I dont know if I am done with you by way of provocation due to what I posted, but if you do, please dont commit such blunder across someone else that might fall for you like I did. I am not looking for a date, I am looking for that girl that would be my ambassador when I am not there in the family; that would thoroughly represent me as a wife material; that my ever critical mother will embrace and became receptive of(although this is optional, because me loving you first is all that matters, I can handle her issues). For us going to Fast Food joint is a bad omen for my pocket. What if there were monies for such places and I finally made you mine and those monies vanished. Cant we adapt? Are my kids and your persons always going to patronize Fast Food Joints. Some girls are not worth it. Only God can save us men from making bad choices as regard to the issue of marriage because all that glitters are not gold.
__Apologist Azolike Nonso Afamefuna

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