Shatta Wale Slammed By His Baby Mama For Showing Fake Love On Instagram Despite Not Paying His Child’s School Fees

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Ghanaian singer, Shatta Wale has been called out by his baby mama, Shatta Michy.

She called him out after he did a shoutout to his baby mamas on valentine’s day.

According to her, he is a deadbeat father, who has refused to pay his child’s school fees.

Luckily for him, she has decided not to drag him to court, because she sees him as nothing but a sperm donor and not a real man.

On valentine day, Shatta Wale wrote,

“Happy birthday to all my ex’s 💕💕.
Majesty’s mum and Nshira’s mum ..
Hope you guys celebrate this day with love ❤️..You guys gave me great kids in this life and I really appreciate but tho we not together I still will show love cuz we were never enemies when we all first met each other .This should tell you i will want to concentrate on growing the kids for them to have a better future and nothing else ..Good-luck my Val’s on this Val’s Day !!!!

Unimpressed by his social media affection, Shatta Michy slammed the singer by exposing how much of a deadbeat dad he is.

She wrote,

“Lmao..Sperms donors don’t talk valentine ..Fortunately i’m not dragging you to court for sch. fees. Real men do real tings”

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