Police Arrests Church of Satan Founder in Abia, Church Demolished (Photos)

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A man called Mr. Ifekwe Udo, who is said to be the founder of the Church of Satan in Ohafia, Abia state has been arrested by the police. A news blog called Abia Gazette shared the news on Facebook.

The church is reportedly named Assemblies of Light Bearer Greater Church of Lucifer but it is popularly known as Church of Satan.

According to reports, the founder of the church who is known as Lucifer or Fada-Fada became popular in the community through his generous acts. He was said to have provided employment to the youths of the community by giving out motorbikes on hire purchase.

With his humanitarian acts, he drew many people to himself but he soon got on the bad side of the people in the community when he opened a brothel and perpetrated evil acts in it. Despite his evil acts, it was reported that no one could confront Mr Ifekwe because he usually boasted of having connections.

The Church of Satan founder also boasted of his fetish powers as he is known to use voodoo on his members. As soon as he was arrested, youths of the community took to his church to bring down the building.

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