Parents Beat, Starve 18-year-old Daughter to Death for Dating Yoruba Boy

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An 18-year-old girl, Amaka Nweke, has reportedly been beaten to death by her parents for dating a Muslim Yoruba boy and having a baby for him in Lagos.

According to The New Telegraph, she was allegedly beaten to death by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nweke, for dating and having a baby for a Muslim Yoruba boy in Agility, Mile 2 in Lagos.

The Lagos State Police Command has said it is waiting for medical report to ascertain the cause of her death, although, angry residents of Agility, Mile 12 claim her parents repeatedly subjected Amaka to torture, including starving her during pregnancy.

Amaka and her boyfriend, Ibrahim Lawal, were said to have met when she was in Senior Secondary School. The relationship later resulted into pregnancy, which her parents kicked against. She later delivered a baby boy, christened Zaeed.

Her friends claim Amaka went through hell while pregnant for defying her parents.

One of the Nwekes’ neighbours, Adebola, said;

“Amaka went through a lot. She really suffered. When they were dating, her parents were always threatening her.

They told her that they didn’t want her to continue associating with the boy. They used to beat her with different objects even while she was pregnant. Whenever her boyfriend brought food to her, they would not allow her to have access to it.”

When Amaka was delivered of her baby, her parents couldn’t afford the medical bill. They had to call on Ibrahim’s family and they gladly paid up.

After she was released from the hospital, her parents tried to prevent the boy’s family from naming their grandchild. But it took the intervention of the Chairman of the Community Development Association (CDA) and some elders in the area before the Nwekes released the baby to them.

Ibrahim’s mother, Ebunola, said that she reported the repeated beatings to the police. She said:

“When my son impregnated Amaka, I didn’t reject the pregnancy.

I was already used to seeing them together. On January 1, 2020, she called Ibrahim that her mother had started beating her again for collecting clothes and money from us. .

It was during the beating that she became unconscious and later confirmed death at the #Gbagada General Hospital.”

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  1. Saviour ironside M says

    The Government Has to take A quick response…and Handle this Issues…RIP to AMAKA i pray you rest well, So many are still out there Facing the same Problem, I also i am facing Mine Same situation from both sides….I pray i don’t lost my life on the line …I will Die for my Woman and my Son for it Worth dying 4……Maybe i can have peace………WHEN THE TWO TRIBES GET PROBLEM IN THOSE DAYS I BEEN NO DEY THERE NOR EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT….EVEN WHEN YOU ASK WHY THEM NO FIT TALK ANYTHING ABOUT HAM……I LOVE MY WOMAN ….JUST AS BOTH OF THEM PARENT LOVE THEIR SELF WHEN THEM MEET…..MAKE UNA NO USE WETIN NO CONCERN US RUIN OUR LIFE……..We can find love anywhere….What you parent would say is you won’t be able to handle her or handle yourself…STOP BEING OVER PROTECTIVE #PARENTS…….MAKE I FACE WETIN FACE ME.

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