Nigerian Goal Scorers Who Have Made History

Nigerian Goal Scorers Who Have Made History

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There are many Nigerian football players who have made history thanks to their goal scoring abilities. Find out who made our list here in this article.

The Nigerian national football team might not be the best team in the world, but they certainly have had their fair share of top players. Some of the players who have scored the most goals have also made a lot of appearances for their country in the various international matches, making them household names in Nigeria.

Here, we are going to look at some of the Nigerian goal scorers who have made history so make sure to keep reading to find out if your favourite made the list.

Ikechukwu Uche

For those who keep up with the latest Nigerian national team, Ikechukwu will be a familiar name. This player has played forward for the team from 2007 and is still on there now. During his career, he has received 46 caps and has scored 19 goals and for Nigerian national football fans, it is possible to place a bet on players scoring goals at sites like NetBet Sports. With Uche still on the team, we would suggest looking at his potential in upcoming matches.

Segun Odegbami

Forward Segun Odegbami played for the team between 1976 and 1982 and managed to appear 46 times throughout his career. As a forward, he was known for scoring many goals and he managed to rack up a huge 23 throughout his time. Odegbami finished his career for the Nigerian national team in 1982 with an average of 0.50 which is something to be proud of.

Rashidi Yekini

The top goal scorer on our list is Rashidi Yekini who played for the Nigerian national team between 1984 and 1998. This player managed to rack up a total of 58 caps of the team and a huge 37 goals throughout his career. While this might not seem like a lot, this puts his average at 0.63 which is the highest figure when you are looking at other Nigerian national football players.


One of the more recent players to make our list comes in the form of popular player Yakubu who played forward of the national team between 2000 and 2012. This player managed to appear 57 times on the team and scored a huge 21 goals during the matches that he played. While he is third on our list, his average is slightly lower than the others at 0.36.

Obafemi Martins

The final player on our team of the top Nigerian goal scorers is Obafemi Martins who also played forward for the team. This player has been on the squad since 2004 and is still a valuable member. He has racked up a total of 48 caps so far and 18 goals in total. His player average sits at 0.37 which is a reasonable figure.

Look Out For New Players

For fans of the Nigerian national team, it is interesting to look at all of the impressive goal scorers that have been on the squad. Keep an eye on the current squad and see which players might end up making it on our list in the future.

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