My Child Is Protected By God On Social Media – Yvonne Nelson

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Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has come out to state that her child is covered and protected by God every even as she is on social media at a very tender age.

Since she came into the world, the beautiful movie star has always showed her off on social media.

Fans being aware of the fact that her baby also owns a social media account have criticized the move.

Reacting to the critics, she said, “They have a point because of security and safety but for me, I believe that it’s God who watches over us.

Once in a while, I post her picture online, I don’t post her all the time, she has her own Instagram page though.

She had her page even before I had her, she is just on Instagram and her father is a photographer, so, if I do not post her, her dad will do, but I’m the only one managing her page… I hardly post her on my personal page.”

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