Man Steals Fiancée’s Engagement Ring, Accuses Her of Misplacing It Then Breaks Up With Her

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Lady revealed how her ex stole the engagement ring he gave her 6-months earlier and accused her of misplacing it just to break up with her.

Social media user, Valerie Chisom Okoligwe, claims he made her life miserable for weeks, accusing her of misplacing the engagement ring he gave her and not taking them seriously, only for her to find out later that he was the one that stole the ring.

She wrote;

I remember this guy I dated for almost 4 years. Dude proposed and we were engaged for about 6 months or so until one day my ring went missing. He made my life miserable for weeks because to him, I wasn’t serious about getting married. It wasn’t until we broke up weeks later that

I found out the guy stole the ring and that it was all part of a grand planFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy. I’m glad I can laugh about it now but mennnnnnn, life packs a punch when she wants to hitSlightly smiling face.

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