Lady Goes Online in Search of a Husband for Her 45-year-old Mum (Photos)

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A lady has taken to Twitter to look for a husband for her 45-year-old mum who is a widow.

Sharing photos of her beautiful mum, the Twitter user wrote that her mum is gainfully employed and a christian and she is on a mission to find for her a suitor who must also be gainfully employed and must be 45 years or above.

Well her tweet has since gone viral and it has been shared thousands of time. Hopefully she will find a lucky man for her mum.

She tweeted,

“Hi, Meet my Mum. She’s 45 years old, widowed, Christian, and gainfully employed. Also, she  has just me, and I’m on a mission to match-make her with one amazing and lucky man.  Prospective suitor must be 45 and above, gainfully employed  a Christia.(widower, divorced or never”.

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