Kim Kardashian Sued For $100 Million Over Her Kimoji App

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Popular celebrity, Kim Kardashian just got sued by a developer, David Liebenshon, over her kimoji app.

The programmer is claiming that he assisted in building the app but was unexpectedly ignored when the profits started rolling in.

David is now suing Kim K for $100 million (₦36,150,000,000) for breach of contract and outright fraud.

TMZ reported that David was the brain behind an app called CensorOut, and that app was responsible for Kim Kardashian getting to know about him.

David said that Kim agreed to 60 percent of Kimoji’s profits back then and was even asked if he wanted to be freed of all trademark just for his convenience which he obliged to, but it was clearly stated that the app was a joint venture.

He wrapped up by saying that Kim decided to go against their deal in August of 2014, citing claims that one of Liebensohn’s partners let her personal information out.

He now seeks a huge settlement which might seem a bit unfair looking at the figure but when you remember that the app in question was downloaded 9,000 times per second on the day it got released, which equates to million dollars a minute at the time, it is looking like a fair compensation.

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