Justin Bieber Slammed With $100,000 Lawsuit For Allegedly Destroying Man’s Mobile Phone At Night Club

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Justin Bieber is being sued for $100,000 by Robert Earl Morgan for smashing his mobile photo on the floor at a Houston nightclub in April 2016.

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Robert says the “Baby” hitmaker’s act made him lost precious memories, including photos of his grandma’s 100th birthday party. He lost important business contacts as well as 5,000 pics and videos documenting his travels during his time in college.

Explaining how the incident happened, Robert says Justin showed up at the nightclub and began clowning Post Malone, appearing to extinguish a cigarette on the rapper’s arm. According to Robert, the “Baby” hitmaker later grabbed a beer bong and tried his hand at chugging. However, the singer “was clearly a novice,” spilling the beer all over himself, Robert says.

Justin became enraged when he saw Robert captured the incident. The singer allegedly grabbed his cellphone and smashed it to pieces.

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    This boy really needs to be put on check. He has serious attitude probem.

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