Donjazzy Defends Pornstars Following Mia Khalifa’s Engagement

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Nigerian music don, Donjazzy has defended pornstars following the engagement of ex-pornstar Mia Khalifa.

Following the former pornstar’s engagement to Swedish chef ,Robert Sandberg many Nigerian Instagram users(especially females) argued that, this just proves that men prefer ”bad girls ”to good girls .

They say it is apparent ”bad girls” marry first while good girls remain single .

Others wondered why a chef would end up with a porn star .

Donjazzy however , tried to dispel the notion that porn stars are reckless or bad .

While revealing he has a few porn star friends , he said they are just like ‘us’, the only difference is their hustle is tougher .


He also asked if anyone can name the people pornstars are said to have slept with .

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