‘If You Chop a Virgin, and Break Up With Her Curses Will Follow You’- Ghanaian Man Says

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Ghanaian Movie Producer, Ola Michael has shared reasons why he prefers being with a girl that has already lost her virginity.

Ola Michael who was speaking on Okay FM,  said if a guy sleeps with a virgin and suddenly breaks up with her, and she decides to curse him, because of the holy blood, the curse would surely come to pass.

“I Don’t Like Virgins, I Like Those Who Have Been Cleared Already and discharged. This is because if you sleep with a Virgin and you suddenly breaks up with her, and that lady decides to place curses on you, the curse would surely come to pass because of the holy blood involved.”

“Why would i go through all this stress, i prefer the already cleared ones to virgins anyday. “

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