I Was Beaten and Robbed of N260,000 by the Police- Man Narrates His Terrible Encounter With Nigerian Police

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“I was beaten and robbed of N260,000 by the police” a young man with the username @_VALKING has cried out for justice on his social media page against the brutality he suffered in the hands of the members of the Nigerian Police, Ogudu Branch.

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Here is the story as related by him:

Some members of the Nigerian Police (Ogudu branch), forced a confession, statement and N260,000 out of me yesterday. They beat, threatened & made me feel completely powerless. I have not recovered from the harassment, but I need this story to be out there

They stopped my Uber and asked the driver to drive us straight to Ogudu police station. When we got there, they took us to one small corner in the police station with a 2 wooden rooms. They collected my phones, my AirPods, ID card.
Even as I explained that I was an influencer & I work for several brands, they kept on searching my email, IG, Twitter, & my WhatsApp for God knows what. After asking questions which I gave proper answers to, they saw one text in a group chat I’m in that read “gay men dey pay”
It was a discussion I was having with some friends about closeted gay activities we’d heard rumors about On seeing that, the officer searching my phone said “this one na gay” I was like “Gay????” and I laughed cuz the whole thing was ridiculous.
Next thing he said “you think say I dey follow you laugh”, told me to take off my shirt and started beating me with a pipe. They forced me to write a statement saying I had male clients who paid me to have casual sex with them and even listed names for me.
They told me to add amounts to the front of the names too and recorded me confessing (at gunpoint). When they saw my account balance, they demanded half a million, saying they would send this video to the brands I work for, post it online and they’ll lock me for days
so I won’t be able to counter it. They said they could even kill me there. After begging and everything, they agreed to collect N260k. They didn’t collect transfer, instead, they called someone to come, so I could send via Paga.
Afterward, they told me it’s better to do yahoo than to be gay, coz according to them “yahoo go dey pay better” I didn’t want to take any steps. I just wanted to carry on tweeting as though all was well, but it’s not.

I have been devastated since yesterday and I don’t know what to do. Please help retweet and tag

This is the Tweet:

They beat, threatened & made me feel completely powerless. I have not recovered from the harassment, but I need this story to be out there
Cc: @segalink

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