Alleged Yahoo Boy Caught Setting His Girlfriend on Fire for Money Rituals (Video)

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In a disturbing video circulating round the internet, A Nigerian man was reportedly caught trying to burn his girlfriend to death. The man whose grave activities caught the attention of neighbors and passers by was accused of being a Yahoo boy trying to use his girlfriend for ‘Money Ritual’ for better luck and more money.

We gathered from the video after concerned citizens who abruptly stopped the canal plan from coming through, quizzed the young man who identified himself as Victor Odi from Benue State.

The examiner further asked for his parents’ contact address and phone number. Victor is reportedly a yahoo boy who was told to kill his girlfriend for Money rituals. We believe the accused will be taken to appropriate agencies for due persecution.

Watch video below:

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  1. * says

    Thunder fire you there…No de use Yahoo dey cover face yahoo bois de hustle no be Money ritual them de do….In fact make them burn you make you feel ham small…useless son of a thousand FATHER

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