A Rich Man Will Find Me Easy To Maintain – OAP Honeypot

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Popular OAP Honeypot has revealed that she is in fact very easy to maintain.

The ‘Entertainment Splash’ host made this known during an interview with Vanguard

On why she chose the name Honeypot, she said;

I get this question every time and perhaps one of the reasons I love the name Honeypot is, because people raise eye brows whenever they hear it and they remember anytime they see me. I have said it like one million times and I’m saying this again “God gave me the name ‘Honeypot’”.

She contnued saying;

I don’t know how easy it will be to answer this question. I think it depends on the individual, to me, it’s Showbiz, I do TV and TV is like 95% glamour, you have to look good at all time.

I am easy to maintain if you are rich, just make sure I’m driving beautiful cars, I change cloths every time, I get to spend money every time, money is good, you can agree with me that it makes the world go round, right?

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