iPhone 6 Customers Queue To Buy New Apple Devices, Leave Poop On Streets

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Some New Yorkers engaged in a little scuffle as they waited in line to buy the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


Apple lovers were lined up outside stores Friday morning to get their hands on the latest iPhone, but along with discarded coffee cups, some people in New York City left behind bags of poop.

“Streets are a mess in (Apple) line including bags of feces,”Twitter user @WaltBTIG said Friday morning.

When one person said, “I’m imagining 30 gallon trash bags. You?” he responded, “More like newspaper holders.”

Meanwhile, one of the first customers to get an iPhone in Perth, Australia, dropped his new device on live TV just moments after leaving the store.

Jack Cooksey was opening the box while talking to a 9 NewsPerth reporter when it fell to the ground. A crowd watching it unfold reacted with gasps and a few swearwords.

He later told Perth Now he “dropped it in a panic to get it open,” but the phone was covered in plastic, “so it’s fine.”


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