Relationship : Gift to give a Cheating Partner this Valentine

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Infidelity is one of the biggest insults one can give his or her partner.
Finding out your partner is cheating which  has got to be one of the most painful things that can happen to anyone.

As the season of love approaches everyone is out there looking for the perfect gift to give their partners who have shown them love and support throughout the years but does anyone think of what gift to give a cheating partner?
In a relationship a partner is the one you spend and share your lives with be it a husband, girlfriend, wife or boyfriend. You live to share burdens and joys with this one person who you have chosen over others due to the love you have for him or her.

Infidelity is one of the biggest insults one can give his or her partner, it is the violation of trust and exclusive commitment by cheating one’s partner. Infidelity has the ability of ruining relationships and lives. Finding out your partner is cheating has got to be one of the most painful things that can happen to anyone. Why? Because while you were out there committed to him or her and your relationship, they were out there breaking every promise they ever made to you. Although cheating have been accepted to be a norm these days it doesn’t make it less painful.

So he /she has cheated, what next?
Cheating rubs you of your happiness and since this is glow season you have the responsible of regaining your happiness that was rubbed of you from that cheat. Take out time to reevaluate your relationship and decide what move to make.

The act of giving gifts in relationships is a gesture of love, during the season of love such as this we owe it to ourselves to give a gift of love to ourselves and our partners. During Valentine’s partners tend to exchange gifts irrespective of the nature and state of the relationship, so therefore a cheating partner may be expecting a gift also, now is the time to surprise him or her.

For those that have not confronted their Partner you can give them a special gift this Valentine:

The blue pill of Confrontation
For those that know their partners are being unfaithful and have not confronted them because of fear of losing them or sheer pain or confusion, but this information have ruined their happiness and they are dying in silence. This is the time to confront him or her, confrontation with evidence because all cheaters are LIARS.

By confronting your partner of his or her infidelity is the first step of regaining your happiness. From confrontation one can decide the next steps to take in that relationship due to the spouse or partner’s reaction to the confrontation. Do not pretend everything is fine and give fake smiles this Valentine it’s time to be real and make a decision.

Those that are sure their partners have cheated and have confronted them of their infidelity have the option of the following gifts:

A date with a psychologist or couple/ marriage therapist or counselor
Instead of buying her that dress or him that watch, or booking a fancy hotel or resort getaway book yourselves a session with a reputable couple therapist that can help your relationship or marriage move to the next stage.

A meal and a Divorce on a Platter
Yes the Bible says for better for worse but some partners use this verse as an excuse to do whatever they like not minding who they hurt in the process because they feel their partner will never leave them, these kinds of people are the emotional blackmailers and abusers of love and they deserve to be left.

If you are in this kind of relationship especially a marriage and you have lost your happiness, self-respect and self-worth and you have been contemplating divorce for a while, well now may be your opportunity to regain your life by taking that bold step.

The rare gift of Forgiveness
Just as the Bible says to err is human and to forgive is divine giving your partner a gift of forgiveness for their wrong doing against you and your relationship especially if this said partner is remorseful for everything they have put you through and you are willing to forgive and move on with your relationship with the conviction that it will never repeat itself.

This is the season of love, let us not forget that love is patience and kind and it is forgiveness. In as much as we want to do the most for our partners always remember you cannot give what you do not possess. Hence start love from yourself, and if you have a cheating partner make a decision that will not rub you of your happiness. Happy Valentine’s.

Written by Dee Awata.

Dee Awata is a content creator, freelance writer and a lifestyle blogger. She aspires to inspire with her words and travel the world writing, designing and photographing city to city. Check out her blog at and connect with her @deeawata on instagram.

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