See Toni Payne reaction to someone who called her a b***h on Twitter

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See Toni Payne reaction to someone who called her a b***h on Twitter Celebrities are normal human beings like everyone else. Should they develop a thicker skin to harsh remarks and insults because of their social status? It’s been a topic many have raised whenever a celebrity fights back at a fan/follower who throws out jabs (and most times personal insults) at them… A recent example is the above Twitter conversation between Pop singer 9ice’s ex-wife Toni Payne and a Twitter ‘cool kid’ who goes by the name Iyanuoluwa Adesiyan. The young man had tweeted: ’This stupid Toni Payne gal be feeling like Kim K.. Bitch u’re a Bitch!””‘.


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Toni replied mentioning him ‘just like Iya Iyanu‘, taking a swipe at the kid’s mother. Adesiyan then attempted to raise hell storm on his Twitter looking for a fight, crying out, ‘Toni Payne insulted my mother‘. I’ll leave the obvious out (the obvious being that it’s not and never going to be appropriate to call a woman a ‘bitch’) but why is Adesiyan pained after being served with the same medicine? If I was Ms Payne, I would have added his whole generation into the tweet. Don’t give what you can’t take, it’s that simple…

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