We reported a few days ago that KWAM1 is married to and expecting a baby with his ex-wife’s niece, Titi Masha couple pictured above.

Well, he says the Masha family is so big that his ex-wife might not even know her niece, Titi. What he told reporters below.

Salewa (his ex-wife) who is being spoken about here remarried some 20 years ago and she is still married, so to claim that I married cousins, yes they might be on the long run but anyone knows that the Masha Eshilokun family is such a large family in Lagos.

Many of them do not even know themselves’ K1 said And he also addressed the issue of him snatching Titi Masha from a close friend of his, Gbenga Islander. I have dated many women in my life who are today legally married, how many of them will I call and say, I have dated your wife before? What happens to such?

Do we crucify a woman for having dated someone before? Do we say because a woman is married before she cant remarry like we all do or do we say because I’m a star I don’t have feelings or am not human? We all know that Fela was once married to 27 women at once in this country…I’m only married to two!’


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