With the growing popularity of feminism, a movement that fights for social, political, economic, sexual and all kinds of equality of the sexes, more women are becoming aware of the power that they have, not just as females, but as equals with their male counterparts.

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Or so I thought, until it came to the topic of whether it was okay for women to make the first move on men they fancied.

A while ago, this argument ensued on twitter Nigeria.

While a few saw absolutely nothing wrong with it, majority thought it was a degrading move that bordered on being desperate. Others blamed it on the African culture and how very few men born and bred in this part of the world would respect a woman that didn’t wait to be approached first.

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It was truly an eye-opening discussion for some of us who never thought it was that serious (awa true feminists!).

Drop your comment and let see your view on this.

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