Six of the 100 Boko Haram terrorists who were declared wanted by the Nigerian army have been arrested by Vigilantes in Lagos state.

Their names are Ibrahim Ali, Abubakar Ahmed, Goigoi Kamsalem, Ibrahim Mohammed, Banagana Blam Ali and Adam. They were nabbed last Friday.

Adam was caught inside an abandoned 40-foot container inside a church in Festac Town, leader of the vigilante group, Alhaji Mustapha Mohammed, said.

Ali and Blam were arrested during a raid of suspected terrorists’ hideout at Isheri; Ahmed, Kamsalem and Mohammed were nabbed on Victoria Island, where they were staying with friends, he added.

The arrested terrorists have been handed over to the DSS in Shangisha, he said.

“You know we are from Borno State where these people also come from and we know their communities. Our people back home do monitor them, and once they leave Maiduguri, we would be alerted so that we can be on the lookout,” he said.

“Once they arrive in any community in Lagos, our members are always on ground to fish them out based on intelligence report and once they are arrested, we hand them over to security agencies for further investigation and prosecution,” he added.


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