A prophet along with two other men were arrested by the Police in Lagos State on Saturday for being in possession of plastic bottles filled with blood and human parts at the Ikotun/Egbeda area.
Kunle Olaide who was one of the suspects,carrying a polythene bag, was accosted by some policemen.As soon as the policemen stopped Olaide, his partner, who was walking with him, bolted.

This move immediately alerted the policemen that something was fishy, which made the cops to swoop on Olaide.

According to a police source, “Policemen attached to Ikotun Division during patrol around the area accosted Olaide and another man on Saturday morning with a bag.

“The policemen requested to know the content of the polythene bag.“All of a sudden, one of the men ran away.

“This aroused the policemen’s suspicion, as they insisted on knowing what was inside the bag.

“When the bag was opened, fresh human parts and two plastic bottles filled with blood were recovered from the bag.

“They also found five fingers, human heart, liver, kidney and intestines, all concealed inside a bowl filled with water.

“The different parts were tied in separate polythene bags and were all put inside the bag.”

Olaide claimed that his partner, who bolted after policemen stopped them, was the owner of the items.He further claimed that he didn’t even know the contents of the bag until he was arrested and the bag opened by policemen.Olaide told the police that he and the fleeing friend slept in a church the previous night.

He confessed to be coming from a white garment church located in Egbe area of the state when they were accosted.It was learnt that the policemen immediately rushed down to the church and arrested the prophet.Deputy police spokesman in Lagos State, Damascus Ozoani, said: “Olaide later confessed that they had been keeping the human part in a white garment church in Egbe area.

“He led policemen to the church.

“The pastor was arrested and the two suspects (Olaide and Pastor) have been transferred to the State Criminal investigation Department in Yaba.”


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